Before the attack when they stood as two, each edifice
stretched high soaring into the blue
Upon the assault of each tower in the early morning hour,
the lives of many came to a halt by terrorist fault.

In the din, as each collapsed to the ground prayers were heard
for loved ones to be found and every American hero
that perished at ground zero.

The calamity of crumbled metal and twisted steel made it
all so terribly real.
Our flag waved endlessly amongst the pile as the sight and
smell of the inferno reeked, mile upon mile.

By the pledge, the city will carry on, volunteers worked
above and beyond.

With all hope to find a survivor in each passing hour
digging continued with sweat and pride by every creed,
color and hide. 

The evil deed done by Osama Bin Laden, would not get our
He tried to crush our spirit and make us weak, Instead we
stand united unwilling to break our peak.

We will flourish anew as a blooming flower and in the end
remain in supreme power.

        By Lisa Midwood

Chief Joe Hill Keynote Speaker

The Chief during his speech to our members related that he was working as a Lieutenant for the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia at the time of the attacks. His memory of that day was the way some people remember as their Pearl Harbor, where they were when the assassinations of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King took place. The Chief told the members that we all have a day that we will remember all of our lives. It changed the way we work, respond, and care for those affected. It changed the way we do policing. We will always remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Coastal Carolina Shields 911 Ceremony

Chief Joe Hill

Horry County Police Department